Why learn and train Muay Thai?

The sport of Muay Thai (or Thai Boxing) has gone from being the national sport and cultural art of Thailand to becoming an internationally popular combat sport. Muay Thai is known as the ‘Art of the Eight Limbs’, Hands, feet, knees and elbows are used in combination both in attack and defence techniques.

The benefits of training Muay Thai can be seen in the everyday well being and growth of our students

K-Star students develop increased fitness, speed, rhythm, movement,  spatial awareness and mental agility by continual pad work and sparring with one another in order to perfect the application of each technique they learn.

Muay Thai isn’t just a combat sport. There is a science to Muay Thai, it encompasses discipline, knowledge and respect in its method and the positive effects of Muay Thai training can be seen in well being of our students .

We understand that not everyone wishes to compete in the ring and in fact most K-Star students train to maintain fitness, lose weight, learn an effective self defence and simply because they enjoy learning Muay Thai in fun and friendly environment.


Muay Thai training mixes unique cardiovascular conditioning with an effective and devastating striking technique

The effectiveness of Muay Thai has been well recognised in recent years in the emergence of MMA as a combat sport and the growing popularity of UFC in mainstream media.

There is no denying that Muay Thai training offers the opportunity of unique cardiovascular conditioning with an effective and devastating striking technique making it a ‘must have’ skill set for many successful MMA practitioners.

Training in  Muay Thai regularly at K-Star will keep you in good physical shape and is a good way to relieve stress resulting in an improvement to your wellbeing, mentally as well as physically. With regular training you can improve your flexibility and coordination, strength and endurance, mental discipline and overall wellbeing.

Learning Muay Thai is not only about getting physically fit and learning to fight, it is much more than that. It teaches us the value of humility, modesty and respect whilst also encouraging disciplined self confidence. Muay Thai offers many benefits to anyone one interested in learning it and is suitable for everyone irrespective of age or gender.


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