Kid's Muay Thai Classes

We offer a range of Muay Thai classes to children from the age of 5 -16 years old. Our lessons start at beginners level classes, move on to advanced level classes and then progress on to Championship classes for those children wishing to compete in tournaments, events or interclubs.

Muay Thai lessons for kids

Our Muay Thai Children’s classes are designed to cater for children of 5 years of age and above and are suitable for boys and girls at all ability levels. We love to see our children grow in skill and confidence and ensure our classes are insightful, safe, secure and fun. We offer discounts for family membership so please do give us a call on 0121 722 3988 to discuss further.

For more information on each of our Childrens Muay Thai classes please explore the links below.

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Beginners Classes

K-Star Muay Thai (Sheldon) is a family gym and is proud to have a reputation for a really strong kids program. Our beginners lessons are a great starting point for any child between 5 -16 years old.

Advanced Classes

Once your child has mastered the core technique and has earned their yellow band they will progress on to our Advanced Muay Thai classes where they will be able to practice technique in light sparring.

Championship Classes

Our Championship classes are for children that wish to compete in tournaments, events and inter-clubs competitions. Your child will be taught fight strategy and how to prepare to win fights and tournaments.