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adeAdrian Maguire – Chief Instructor

Adrian first started training at the age of 14 at the K-Star Thai Boxing Academy in Perry Barr, under the watchful eye of Steve Logan (K-Star founder) and multiple World Muay Thai Champion, Damien Trainor (K-Star Legacy). He initially only started training in order to learn self-defence and to get fit. He never even considered the idea of fighting as an amateur, let alone thinking about being able to compete in Muay Thai at a professional level.

By the age of just eighteen he became an assistant Muay Thai instructor, helping out on classes, before ultimately being given his own classes in Muay Thai to teach. After helping to train a number of sucessful fighters at the K-Star Thai Boxing Academy in Perry Barr, and winning a number of Championship belts himself, the next obvious step for Adrian was for him to become Chief Instructor and director of K-Star Muay Thai Gym  in Sheldon, Birmingham. He continues to teach Muay Thai and inspires his students to reach their goals, and as a result has helped to create a number of K-Star Sheldon champions. Adrian has now been teaching professionally for nearly a decade.

As a Muay Thai fighter Adrian Maguire has had 24 professional fights, and has won an array of Championship titles over a successful career. In most of his fights he quite often gave away a weight advantage to his opponent, although he never seemed to let this stand in his way of winning. Adrian Maguire is known as a  smart fighter who could easily out score most of his opponents, yet always has the power in his hands and the precision in his technique to end a fight at any time.

Adrian’s accomplishments

  • Red Band
  • Top 5 Ranked fighter at 53kgs for 5years
  • Ringmasters Champion 2011
  • Ringmasters Champion 2012
  • IKF English Champion
  • GBMTA English Champion
  • IKF British Champion


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