Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Private 1-2-1 Classes

1on1If you feel you would like a bit of extra support with your training why not book some private one-to-one classes with our British Champion instructor Adrian Maguire. Private lessons are an excellent way to focus on specific areas of your training programme and work on those areas of Muay Thai that you wish to improve.

One-to-one tuition is a proven way to learn Muay Thai technique at a quicker pace, as instructors are able to concentrate on strengthening your weaknesses whilst teaching you new and more advanced attack, defence and counter attack routines.



Everybody has different goals and desires, so whether you require help with an upcoming grading, general fitness or fight preparation these dedicated one-to-one sessions will push you leaps and bounds ahead.

To book a private lesson please call the gym on 0121 722 3988