Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Children’s Beginners

childrens-beginners1Research shows that introducing sport in to a young person’s life at an early age can have a positive effect on their confidence and self esteem. The K-Star Instructors are here to help and guide your child towards achieving greater self confidence and better fitness levels. Besides teaching Muay Thai skills, K-Star Sheldon’s Children’s beginners program will improve your child’s balance, coordination, flexibility and overall fitness.

childrens-beginners2Each child’s progress is carefully monitored and attention is given to strengthening  weaknesses and preparing  your child for their first Muay Thai grading where they will get the opportunity to earn their yellow band. Having completed the beginners course your child will then be ready to progress to the appropriate advanced classes which are split into two separate age groups; five to ten years of age and ten to sixteen years.

Learning  Muay Thai offers a number of health and life benefits;

  • Build Confidence
  • Learn respect and humility
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Lose weight
  • Relieve Stress
  • Increase fitness levels
  • Learn an effective self-defence
childrens-beginners3Learning Muay Thai could be just the hobby your child needs to tear them away from the computer games and internet distractions that are having an alarming affect on their health and fitness!

To see if you son or daughter likes it why not sign them up for a FREE ‘no obligation’ Trial Class today.

For further information please call K-Star Sheldon on: 0121 722 3988.