Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Children’s 5 -10’s

childrens-510-4If your child is aged between five and ten years of age and has completed the beginners program and earned their Yellow Band they will progress to the intermediate and advanced Muay Thai class.

The intermediate and advanced children’s classes are designed to allow your child to perfect core Muay Thai techniques whilst also learning the more advanced defence and counter attack routines that are commonly used in Muay Thai.


The K-Star Muay Thai Children’s advanced training program teaches a range of advanced combinations, attack and defence, and counter attack techniques. Your child will get the opportunity in these classes to put what they have learned into practice. Many of our students take part in light contact sparring with each other in order to practice technique in a fight like scenario. Our strict ‘No-Ego’s’ policy ensures a close friendly environment which ensures that the children at K-Star are always smiling at the end of a good spar.



Each child’s progress is carefully monitored and attention is given to strengthening  weaknesses and preparing your child for their next Muay Thai grading. The strength and cardio routines in the Intermediate and Advanced Children’s class will be at a slightly higher intensity than on the beginners class, which will no doubt result in an improvement in your child’s overall fitness.



Learning  Muay Thai offers your child a number of health and life benefits;

  • Build Confidence
  • Learn respect and humility
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Lose weight
  • Relieve Stress
  • Increase fitness levels
  • Learn an effective self-defence


Learning Muay Thai could be just the hobby your child needs to tear them away from the computer games and internet distractions that are having an alarming affect on their health and fitness!

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