Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Adult Advanced Classes

IMG_6486Our Advanced Muay Thai Classes are designed for students who have already earned their Muay Thai Blue band grading and have the necessary skills to progress to learning  advanced  Muay Thai techniques. These classes will build upon your current knowledge and allow you to progress to a higher skill level by teaching more complex Muay Thai combinations and techniques.

In these classes we will focus on;

  • Elaborate defence and counters
  • Advanced attack technique
  • Increased strength and conditioning routines
  • Advanced technical sparring


Our Advanced class is where you will find our most dedicated students as it gives them the environment they need to train towards earning the final series of Muay Thai bands, with the ultimate aim of earning the prestigious ‘Red Band’.

Our champion instructors monitor each student’s progress closely ensuring that they deliver to the training needs of the individual concerned.



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