Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Adult Morning Training


We now have morning lessons for adult beginners and adult intermediate/advance levels. The morning lessons are exactly the same lessons taught on our evening lessons. The lessons are perfect for those that work shift patterns and can’t always attend our evening lessons. The lessons are also great for parents who have just took their kids to school.


Our beginner lessons are designed to be flexible in order to suit all levels of fitness and experience. Please don’t worry if you have never done any form of martial arts or exercise before, you will be taught at a nice steady pace and you will no doubt be impressed at how quickly both your fitness and technique improve.


Our intermediate/advance lessons are designed for students who have graded and are ready to advance their Muay Thai skill levels with complex combinations and advance techniques. You will also feel a step up in the fitness level of the class. Sparring will also happen to develop your reactions and improve your blocking and attacking techniques, all under the watchful eye of our Champion Instructors.

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