Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Adult Intermediate

IMG_6482Having completed the beginners classes and earned your yellow band you will then progress up a level to our intermediate Muay Thai Classes. The intermediate classes are designed to allow you to perfect the core Muay Thai techniques whilst also learning the more advanced defence and counter attacks that are commonly used in Muay Thai.



IMG_6548The K-Star Muay Thai intermediate training program teaches a range of advanced combinations, attack and defence, and counter attack techniques. You will get the opportunity in these classes to put what you have learned into practice. Many of our students take part in light contact sparring with each other in order to practice technique in a fight like scenario.




Our strict ‘No-Ego’s’ policy ensures a close friendly environment which ensures our students are always smiling at the end of a good spar.

The strength and cardio routines in this class will be at a slightly higher intensity than on the beginners class, which will no doubt result in an improvement in your overall fitness and flexibility.

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