Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Membership Benefits

IMG_6981K-Star Thai Boxing Academy is the most established Muay Thai Academy in Birmingham, and has been producing Champion Muay Thai fighters for over 20 years. Our success is reflected in our growth and K-Star now has Muay Thai Gyms and training academies in Birmingham City Centre, Perry Barr, Quinton and Sheldon.

Our expert Muay Thai instructors teach classes at beginner, intermediate, advanced and Championship levels to both adults and children. For a very reasonable monthly membership fee, K-Star members have access to:

Excellent Facilities

K-star members have access to all of our state of the art training facilities at any of the K-Star Muay Thai Gyms.

Expert Instructors

All of our trainers are experts in Muay Thai and K-Star are proud to point out that our instructors include British, European and World Muay Thai Champions.

Regular Muay Thai classes at multiple locations

Members can learn Muay Thai from all of our instructors if they want to, by taking Muay Thai classes in any or all of our gyms, at no extra cost. There are 3 -4 classes each week at every level and our students can train as often as they want.

Muay Thai Gradings

A Muay Thai students progress is tested every 3 months, assuming they have completed at least 24 classes in that period. Students will need to demostrate the technique they have learned in both a structured demonstration and in practical sparring. Successful students will earn the next Muay Thai coloured arm band, with the ultimate aim of working towards earning the prestigious Muay Thai Red Band.

Open Training Facilities

Between classes members have access to open training facilities.

Interclub Sparring

K-Star Combat Arena hosts regular interclub sparring events every 6 weeks or so to give Muay Thai students across the country the opportunity to take part in light contact sparring, against similarly experienced opposition from other clubs. The bout takes place in a professional full sized boxing ring and in front of an audience that have paid to attend. This provides K-Star Muay Thai students the chance to experience a real fight scenario and to test out there Muay Thai skillset, but in a safe, friendly and respectful arena, where there is no winner or loser and both fighters are awarded a medal for taking part.

Tear up at the Tower

K-Star Thai Boxing Academy hosts the regular ‘Tear up at the Tower’ Muay Thai fighting event in Birmingham. This event is always exciting and has become a landmark Muay Thai show in the U.K, hosting a number Championship Title fights and featuring regularly on Sky Sports. K-Star Members have access to tickets to all events at a discounted price.

To become a K-Star member call the gym on 0121 722 3988 or
book your FREE Muay Thai Class online now.