Muay Thai Classes in Birmingham

Kieran Thomas 2wins, 2tko’s

Junior champion, Kieran Thomas, competed in the WFMC British open on Saturday 9th February.

It was a long day with fighters weighing in at 9am and Kieran not fighting until 6.30pm. The show was unorganised and understaffed which led to myself (Adrian) having to judge for 6hours to get the competition rolling and keep the fights going in ring 1.

When it finally came round for Kieran to fight he made light work of it. His first opponent was stopped within 30 seconds from vicious low kicks.

Usually there would be a break in between the next fight but Kieran was ready to go so we stayed in the ring and Kieran fought the next opponent straight away.

The second opponent lasted the first round but his leg was hurt from the barrage of low kicks that Kieran dished out. Kieran was instructed to time his low kick when his opponent dropped his leg from the blocking position. A few low kicks later and the fight was stopped, giving Kieran the crown of WFMC British K1 open champion.

Well done Kieran

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